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On July 18, 2019, a meeting of representatives of the delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and representatives of the US Treasury, headed by Deputy Assistant Minister of Finance for technical assistance policy Larry McDonald was held.

 190719 2

During the meeting, a Memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Finance of the United States.

The Memorandum defines the tasks related to the competence of the Capital Market Development Agency (hereinafter – the Agency):
1) Rationalization and optimization of financial market architecture;
2) Providing solutions for the development of sustainable financial management;
3) Improvement of the legal framework of the capital market;
4) Implementation of financial instruments, their strategic management and risk minimization.

190719 1


As a result, it was decided to identify and send short-term specialists with practical experience in the development of the capital market to the Agency in the near future.


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