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“Kizilkumcement” JSC, launched in 1977, is currently the largest producer of cement and cement products in Uzbekistan. The factory is located 8 km southwest of Navoi city.

At the end of 2018, “Kizilkumcement” JSC received a net profit of 338.77 billion UZS. By the decision of the general meeting of shareholders, 101.58 billion UZS (30% of net profit) were allocated for the payment of dividends.

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That is, at par value of 1,570 UZS per ordinary share, 227 UZS of dividends are accrued (14.45% of the nominal value)

The number of issued ordinary shares of “Kizilkumcement” JSC is 447 516 900. Assets in the 1st half of 2019, are 1.55 trillion UZS, and equity is 1.45 trillion UZS.

During August of this year at the RSE “Toshkent” 357 transactions were made on 394,639 common shares of “Kizilkumcement” JSC for an amount of more than 616.25 mln UZS. Moreover, on August 30 of this year 65 transactions on 259,551 common shares totaling 405.5 million UZS were completed. It should be noted, that the quoted price of shares is 1,600 UZS.


location arrow 13, А. Temur str. Tashkent 100047


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phone   (+998 71) 203-01-15


mail   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Телефон доверия    (+998 71) 203-01-14

Телефон доверия по вопросам противодействия коррупции       (71) 203-01-15 (555) 
               (Специальный "Телефон доверия" по вопросам противодействия коррупции)

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